Lakeside® Brand Cement


  • Colorless in thin films.
  • Refraction index 1.54 - similar to Canada balsam or the ordinary ray of quartz.
  • No apparent polymerization with age.
  • Insoluble in mineral oils; in soluble oils in any degree of concentration; or in water, plain or modified by any of the normal wetting agents.
  • Fully Thermoplastic -- Melts quickly above 80°C (176°F), and flows freely at 180°C (356°F) to form a uniform thin film.
  • Requires no baking operations.
  • Chills very quickly to the solid state at room temperatures to form a strong, tenacious bond without appreciable expansion.
  • Has no toxic effect, and gives off no dangerous or disagreeable fumes or obnoxious odors in either cold or molten state.
  • Over a period of 10 years no instances of allergy due to its use have come to our attention.
  • Can be sawed, drilled, ground, or sanded wet without sticking or picking up abrasive.
  • Dry machining can be employed if due care is taken to prevent joint heats above 80°C.
  • Affords a firm bind with vitreous or polished metal surfaces capable of withstanding the frictional drag of mechanical polishing.

Lakeside® Brand Product

Plastic Point (Degrees)

Flow Point (Degrees)

No. 70C -- Thermoplastic Cement: Bar Form

80°C / 176NF

140°C / 285NF

No. 30L -- Low Heat Temporary Cement: Bar Form

50°C / 125NF

70°C / 185NF

No.40D -- High Bonding Thermoplastic Cement:
. . . . . . . .  Cake Form

60°C / 144NF

100°C/ 212NF

LakesideŽ Brand Cement

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